Chiropractic and Auto-Related Injuries

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A person should see a doctor immediately after an auto accident to ensure that he/she doesn’t have any hidden injuries that can severely affect their life later.

An auto related accident can be a very stressful experience. It can leave you feeling emotionally and physically in pain. In addition to the damage done to your car, you sometimes exchange information with the other driver, and speak to a police officer who writes your accident report. The initial shock of the incident may startle, and numb your physical being, leaving you asymptomatic (without symptoms) long after the actual accident possibly even causing lifelong disability. In other words, an auto accident can be a catastrophic life changing, debilitating event preventing you from performing your normal daily activities, and you should see a Chiropractor.

When you arrive at your home after the accident, the real work begins. You need to call your insurance company to report what had happened reliving the whole event again. Later, you need to get a copy of the accident report. Meanwhile, your mind and body can still be in shock, and you are functioning necessarily, but numb. It can be devastating, and you may not realize you had sustained any injuries. This would be the best time to call your Chiropractor.

It is important to document your injuries resulting from an auto accident. If you suffer an auto related disability, and later seek legal services, this medical documentation can prove your sustained injuries in a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) case.

The sudden jolt from the accident could cause neck pain, and you may begin showing signs of ‘Whiplash’. In the accident the driver and/or passengers’ neck may have moved quickly back and forth in a whipping motion (whiplash) which can be corrected through gentle chiropractic manipulation. Chiropractic care can help alleviate some of the pain resulting from an auto related injury because of intense training in relieving soft tissue injuries. A Doctor of Chiropractic has studied the human anatomy, physiology, and pathology x-ray, and utilizes this information for interventions for the whole body. He can help with headaches, stiffness, tenderness, numbness of arms and legs, soreness of knees and shoulders, and decreased range of motion which may all be due to the accident. Connective tissue, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments can also effectively be treated by Chiropractors because they are skilled in ensuring bones are lined up which can help relieve tension in the body.

An accident victim may suffer personal injury, or financial loss due to negligence from an auto accident.

Your first consultation would include discussion of the accident, physical exam, and past medical history.  This initial Chiropractic consultation guides this recovery, and includes adjustments, rehabilitative exercise, and possible x-rays. Then, your treatment plan would be designed through this understanding.

The techniques used in Chiropractic can restore and enhance joint function. This may also result in reduced joint inflammation and reduced pain through non- evasive procedure, and avoid possible surgery. Chiropractic treatment may also include a referral for more testing such as a MRI, or CTScans which could help to further diagnose your symptoms. These are just some of the reasons the Chiropractic practice of Dr. Anthony R. Scarpello can be uniquely effective for recovery from auto related injuries.